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Engine Specifications:
  HP : 48 S.A.E.
  Type : 4 - Stroke, Direct Injection, Diesel Engine
  No. of Cylinders : 3
  Bore and Stroke : 110 X 110 mm
  Displacement : 3136 cc
  Rated Engine Speed : 2000 rev/min
  Air Cleaner : 3 Stage Air cleaning system compromising of cycolonic pre-cleaner, Oil Bowl and Paper element to enhance Engine Life
  Cooling System : Water Cooled with Oil Cooler for engine oil.

Clutch : Heavy Duty single dry plate type, 305 mm dia, Dual Clutch
280 mm dia. (optional)
  No. of Gears : 8 forward, 2 reverse speeds with high and low selector levels.

Gear Speeds (Km/hr)
1 2 3 4 R
Low 3.1 4.2 6.5 8.9 4.3
High 10.2 13.8 21.4 29.2 14.3

21 Splines for 1000 rpm at rated engine
  6 Splines for 540 rpm corresponding to 1650 engine rpm (Optional)

Heavy Duty Self energizing, water sealed disc brakes with parking brake for additional safety.
  Oil immersed disc brakes (optional)

Heavy Duty single drop arm steering for high efficiency and comfortable drive.

Hydraulic and Implement Linkage
2 Lever live hydraulic system having automatic position and draft with mix control.
Position Control: To hold lower links at any desired height
  Automatic Draft Control: Maintains uniform draft.
  Mix Control: For simultaneous use of position and draft controls for optimum field output.
  Hydraulic Lift Pump: Gear type hydraulic pump delivers 17 l/min at rated engine speed.
24 l/min for 1500 kg capacity hydraulics.

3 point category-I suitable for category-II type implement pins

Lifting Capacity
1000 kgf at Lower Link Ends
  1500 kgf at Lower Link ends (Optional)

12 Volt, 88 Ah. Battery, starter motor & alternator.

Tractor meter with direction indicators, Fuel Gauge, Ammeter, Water Temp. Gauge & Oil Pressure Gauge.

Front : 6.00 X 16
  Rear : 13.6 X 28

Wheel Track:
Front : 1200-1750 mm
  Rear : 1350-1900 mm

O.A. Length : 3438 mm
  O.A. Width : 1730 mm
  O.A. Height : 2170 mm
  Wheel Base : 1955 mm
  Min. Ground Clearance : 405 mm
  Weight of Tractor : 1930 kg

Deluxe Features
Higher capacity hydraulic (1500 kg.) with improved sensitivity. *
  Concealed lockable battery near starter.
  Aesthetically designed heavy duty telescopic front axle beam.
  Telescopic stabilizers bars for easy adjustment and better implement stability.
  Adjustable sliding P.U. seat for operator's comfort.
  Centrally located horn switch on steering wheel (like cars) - for operational convenience.
  Oil immersed (multi disc) wet brakes. *

Horse Power - 48 SAE
  Improved fuel combustion system - lesser diesel consumption.
  Most modern oil Cooler - for longer life of engine.
  8+2 speed gear box (combination of CM & SM Gears) with suitable speeds for haulage, field, straw making machine
  PTO available in 540/1000 rpm
  Dual Clutch for PO driven implements (Optional)

Specifications are subject to change without notice for product improvement.
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